A Look Ahead at 2018s Lifestyle, Film & Television

With Net Neautrality in the balance,  we look to see the actions of this appeal and the fight to keep the internet open to creators.   Facebook launched their watch feature in app and online, we look to see the development of their programming offered worldwide.  Frozen the Musical is set to roll out.   Prince Harry is expected to marry Meghan Markle.  Our Tracey Baker Simmons had a phenomenal year producing the hit TV docuseries of Bobbi Christina on TV ONE.   Our Tobias Truvillion will release great works from the film front.   We have new clients in our portfolio set to make strong waves in the film, fashion and entertainment scenes. Look out for the Black Panther movie and Spider Man to debut in 2018. Ready for 2018?!  Shall we…

Photo Courtesy:  Playlist